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This is the first playbook I created for BitD. Let me know what you think and how you express a Samaat at your table!

A manipulator of essence and force

The life force which flows within and around all things can be used to your advantage with the proper training and willpower to bend its essence to your will. There are scoundrels who prowl the shadows and can create weapons which kill with their own essence, their blood. The rumors of drowning victims found within locked rooms and no water, a trail of crimson red and bodies drained dry as if the blood was sucked from them. These are the stories of a possible Samaat.

When you play a Samaat,  you earn xp by addressing challenges with manipulation of essence or mayhem.  Either prowl the streets and only let the bodies you leave behind speak for you or you can manipulate the essence of the still living to carve yourself and crew an empire. The spirits may be bound and manipulated, poison pushed further into a wound, blood coagulated to staunch a gash. How will you play as a Samaat?

How did you learn the art of being a Samaat? Why a weapon of blood? Who hurt you enough to create you into this monster or are you more subtle in your manipulation? 

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I don't want to complain, and I think this playbook is neat, but why is the file 44mb? That's practically the same size as the entire Blades in the Dark rulebook.  Is it really high resolution? Does it need to be?