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Yes of course there’s a war on in Crow’s Foot. There’s always a war on in Crow’s Foot. But that’s not the only thing happening in Duskwall on any given evening. This city of ours is enormous, big enough to house all kinds of miscreants and scoundrels getting into much more amusing trouble than the Crows. Just because Mr. Harper didn’t have enough space in his book for more than one such scenario doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go looking.

Underground Maps & Passkeys is a collection of alternative starting situations for Blades in the Dark, along with other odds and ends, written and compiled by members of the official Blades Discord community. Attend Charterhall University’s exhibition of new alchemical and electroplasmic technologies. Ensure Duskwall’s latest 5-star restaurant gets the reviews it deserves. Race high-speed sparkcraft skiffs against other daredevils on the secret canals beneath the city. Whether you’re looking for an alternative starting scenario to the one presented in the core Blades rulebook, to play a game of Fiasco set in Duskwall, or just to see how other people have interpreted the world of Blades, this zine has something for you.

All profits from Underground Maps & Passkeys will be donated to The Bail Project, an organization dedicated to ending cash bail and, in the meantime, paying bail for those that cannot afford it.

Note: The charity aspect of this project is over so there will no longer be a charge or donation accepted. If you wish to support all of the authors please head over to the link above and make a donation. We have greatly appreciated all your generosity!

56 pages, 15 starting situations, and 2 flavorful supplements

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorMistletoe_kiss of Voidal Space LLC


Underground Maps and Passkeys.pdf 25 MB

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